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*Many arigatos to Window Guy for directing me to this lass.

Banjos are my scene right now...

...but I wish there was video of said banjos being played. Boo.

wires and waves

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Everything you love in life....

is right here

WATCH UNTIL THE VERY END...or just fast forward.

Please notice the "director" at the very end...

Does it count if I'm dead inside?

...because I am also in love with this man:

Marry me.

*Link provided by Becky.

You should also follow this blog...

You may not watch VH1's "Best Week Ever," (i don't.) but you SHOULD pay attention to their blog on a daily basis. This was posted this morning:

Find me this man/woman's number...i'm in love.



....Look. Nobody is saying he isn't magical. We're just saying he has Parkinson's.

*Link provided by B. Martin

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Basic HTML

Can I post my own links or WHAT?

CLICK THIS, jerks.

Please Read "About Me"

**Provider of this link wishes to remain anonymous. :)

I miss the old Katie, too.

*link courtesy of Ashley

hey, llllllllllladies!!!!

end of the line

My New Band

I'm not sure if an animal thing or a British thing...but somehow the saxophones sound like trumpets and trombones in this video!